Findings on the Use of Ante-Natal Facilities in Ogun State

M. T. Olowonyo
Ma Adenkabi
Iyabo Obasanjo, William & Mary


An observational study of the use of antenatal facilities in Ogun State from January to December 2002 was conducted. The National Health Management Information System forms (NHMIS) were used to collect data from the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary health facilities within the state including Private hospitals. Even though not all the forms were retired, it was found out that only 9.8% of the women that attended antenatal clinic actually delivered in a health facility and that only 37.8% of these attended postnatal clinic. Also 22.7% attended antenatal clinic only once with no revisit, 20.9% had 1–3 revisits, 4-6 revisits in 24.9% and above 6 revisits in 31.5% of the antenatal cases. 9.5% of the live deliveries were low birth weight.