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Topology and Its Applications

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In this paper we explore a family of strong completeness properties in GO-spaces defined on sets of real numbers with the usual linear ordering. We show that if tau is any GO-topology on the real line R, then (R, tau) is subcompact, and so is any G(delta)-subspace of (R, tau). We also show that if (X. tau) is a subcompact GO-space constructed on a subset X C R, then X is a G(delta)-subset of any space (R,sigma) where sigma is any GO-topology on R with tau =sigma vertical bar x. It follows that, for GO-spaces constructed on sets of real numbers, subcompactness is hereditary to G(delta)-subsets. In addition, it follows that if (X. tau) is a subcompact GO-space constructed on any set of real numbers and if tau(s) is the topology obtained from tau by isolating all points of a set S subset of X, then (X, tau(s)) is also subcompact. Whether these two assertions hold for arbitrary subcompact spaces is not known. We use our results on subcompactness to begin the study of other strong completeness properties in GO-spaces constructed on subsets of R. For example, examples show that there are subcompact GO-spaces constructed on subsets X subset of R where X is not a G(delta)-subset of the usual real line. However, if (X, tau) is a dense-in-itself GO-space constructed on some X subset of R and if (X. tau) is subcompact (or more generally domain-representable), then (X, tau) contains a dense subspace Y that is a G(delta)-Subace of the usual real line. It follows that (Y, tau vertical bar gamma) is a dense subcompact subspace of (X, tau). Furthermore, for a dense-in-itself GO-pace constructed on a set of real numbers, the existence of such a dense subspace Y of X is equivalent to pseudo-completeness of (X, tau) (in the sense of Oxtoby). These results eliminate many pathological sets of real numbers as potential counterexamples to the still-pen question: "Is there a domain-representable GO-space constructed on a subset of R that is not subcompact"? Finally, we use our subcompactriess results to show that any co-compact GO-space constructed on a subset of R must be subcompact. (c) 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.