Island-assisted interface alloying and magnetic polarization at submonolayer V/Cr(001) interfaces

C. Clavero, William & Mary
R. A. Lukaszew, William & Mary
M. Bode
G. Bihlmayer
S. Bluegel
R. A. Lukaszew, William & Mary


Island-assisted interface alloying was observed during submonolayer deposition on Cr(001) substrates at 525 K. Scanning tunneling spectroscopy suggests atomic interchange at the center of the islands during the early stages of growth, giving rise to a Cr core in the center of the island and a gradually increasing V concentration toward the island rim. The existence of a VCr alloy with equiatomic composition is concluded by comparing tunneling spectra measured at the island rim with density-functional theory calculations. Coalescence of the initial islands gives rise to inhomogeneous alloying at monolayer coverage. Antiferromagnetic coupling between the islands and the Cr(001) substrate is found for coverages up to 0.50 atomic layers. At higher coverages, no magnetic contrast was observed.