Polarization observables in deuteron photodisintegration below 360 MeV

J. Glister
A. J. Sarty
E. McCullough
A. Kelleher, William & Mary
M. Meziane, William & Mary
B. Moffit, William & Mary
C. F. Perdrisat, William & Mary


High precision measurements of induced and transferred recoil proton polarization in d((gamma) over right arrow, (p) over right arrow )n have been performed for photon energies of 277-357 MeV and theta(cm) = 20 degrees-120 degrees. The measurements were motivated by a longstanding discrepancy between meson-baryon model calculations and data at higher energies. At the low energies of this experiment, theory continues to fail to reproduce the data, indicating that either something is missing in the calculations and/or there is a problem with the accuracy of the nucleon-nucleon potential being used. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.