Exclusive neutral pion electroproduction in the deeply virtual regime

E. Fuchey
A. Camsonne
C. Munoz Camacho
T. Holmstrom, William & Mary
A. Kelleher, William & Mary
B. Moffit, William & Mary
V. Sulkosky, William & Mary


We present measurements of the ep -> ep pi(0) cross section extracted at two values of four-momentum transfer Q(2) = 1.9 GeV(2) and Q(2) = 2.3 GeV(2) at Jefferson Lab Hall A. The kinematic range allows one to study the evolution of the extracted cross section as a function of Q(2) and W. Results are confronted with Regge-inspired calculations and GPD predictions. An intepretation of our data within the framework of semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering is also discussed.