Measurement of tensor polarization of deuterons from He-3 -> d plus p breakup at internal momenta up to 0.4 GeV/c

I. M. Sitnik
Yu T. Borzunov
L. B. Golovanov
C. F. Perdrisat, William & Mary


The tensor polarization (rho 20) of deuterons emitted in the p(He-3, d)X reaction at 0 degrees in the lab. system was measured at the Saturne National Laboratory in Sac lay, using the SPES-4 spectrometer with the HYPOM polarimeter in the area of its focal plane. The momentum of the detected deuterons was kept fixed at 3.77 GeV/c, while the momentum of the He-3 beam was varied from 4.60 to 5.66 GeV/c, thus providing a range of internal momenta k of the deuteron inside the He-3 from 0 up to 0.4 GeV/c. The obtained data are compared with the theoretical predictions.