Dark two Higgs doublet model

Hye-Sung Lee, William & Mary
Marc Sher, William & Mary
Hye-Sung Lee


We perform a detailed study of a specific two Higgs doublet model with a U(1) gauge symmetry, instead of a typical Z(2) discrete symmetry, containing a very light gauge boson Z' (GeV scale or below). The Standard Model (SM) fermions do not carry U(1) charges, but induced couplings to the Z' (called the dark Z) are generated through mixing with the SM neutral gauge bosons. Such a light Z' could explain some astrophysical anomalies as well as the muon g - 2 deviation, and has been the subject of great experimental interest. We consider the scenario in which the 125 GeV SM-like Higgs (H) is the heavier scalar state, and focus on the lighter neutral state (h) as well as charged Higgs. We analyze the constraints on the model from various experiments and predict novel channels to search for these Higgs scalars at the LHC. In particular, experiments looking for lepton jets are among potentially important searches.