Light nuclei and hypernuclei from quantum chromodynamics in the limit of SU(3) flavor symmetry

S. R. Beane
E. Chang
A. Parreno
W. Detmold, William & Mary
K. Orginos, William & Mary


The binding energies of a range of nuclei and hypernuclei with atomic number A <= 4 and strangeness vertical bar s vertical bar <= 2, including the deuteron, dineutron, H-dibaryon, He-3, He-3(Lambda), He-4, He-4(Lambda), and He-4(Lambda Lambda), are calculated in the limit of flavor-SU(3) symmetry at the physical strange-quark mass with quantum chromodynamics (without electromagnetic interactions). The nuclear states are extracted from lattice QCD calculations performed with n(f) = 3 dynamical light quarks using an isotropic clover discretization of the quark action in three lattice volumes of spatial extent L similar to 3.4 fm, 4.5 fm, and 6.7 fm, and with a single lattice spacing b similar to 0.145 fm. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.034506