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These draft manuscripts and research papers on D. H. Lawrence are the unpublished work of LeRoy Smith, Professor Emeritus of English at William & Mary. His D.H. Lawrence work was undertake between 1980-2000.

The materials have been keep in Smith's original organization and folder names are retained in the digital file naming.

The organization of the physical files and the titles include:

  • Intro - Outline Outlines 1.2 --
  • 1.2 Critical controv. & difficulties
  • 1.1 Int't in personal relationships
  • 1.4 Male's struggle for liberation
  • I.5 Goals
  • 1.6 (2.1) Sources of Confusion, etc.
  • 2. (L's) (Man's) Battle w/Himself
  • (2.2.2) The Patriarchal Culture
  • Family Relationships
  • 2.2.3 Effects Problem of male sexual identity
  • Problems of male sexual identity
  • Lawrence's view of male/male relationships
  • The problem of destructive conflict [Effects 6]
  • Problem of male vulnerability
  • (Effects 5) The problem of defining "love"
  • False solutions / Destructive loss of autonomy
  • Destructive autonomy
  • The principle of masculism

The manuscript outline as found in the papers:

  • The problem
  • Lawrence's battle with himself: the trap of masculism
  • The struggle toward liberation
  • Inner sphere: liberation of the male
  • Outer sphere: the new male/female relationship

Smith's career at William & Mary spanned 32 years; he joined the University in 1956 and retired in 1988. He had an active research career, publishing Jane Austen and the Drama of Woman (1983), and several articles on Jane Austen, Daniel Defoe, Charlotte Brontë, and Henry Fielding.


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