Bis{l-2,20-[1,10-(ethane-1,2-diyldinitrilo)- diethylidyne]diphenolato}bis[(benzoatojO)manganese(III)] dihydrate

V. S. Thampidas
T. Radhakrishnan
Robert D. Pike, William & Mary


The title compound, [Mn2(C18H18N2O2)2(C7H5O2)2]·2H2O, was synthesized by the reaction between manganese(II) benzoate and the Schiff base generated in situ by the condensation of ethane-1,2-diamine and o-hydroxy­aceto­phen­one. The Jahn-Teller-distorted manganese(III) ions of the centrosymmetric dimer are connected through phen­oxy bridges. Hydrogen-bonding inter­actions between the uncoord­in­ated C=O of the benzoate and uncoordinated water mol­ecules link the dimers into a chain running parallel to the c axis.