Search for Sterile Neutrinos Mixing with Muon Neutrinos in MINOS

P. Adamson
I. Anghel
A. Aurisano
G. Barr
M. Bishai
A. Blake
G. J. Bock
D. Bogert
S. V. Cao
T. J. Carroll
C. M. Castromonte
R. Chen
S. Childress
J. A. B. Coelho
L. Corwin
D. Cronin-Hennessy
J. K. de Jong
S. De Rijck
A. V. Devan
N. E. Devenish
M. V. Diwan
C. O. Escobar
J. J. Evans
E. Falk
G. J. Feldman


We report results of a search for oscillations involving a light sterile neutrino over distances of 1.04 and 735 km in a nu(mu)-dominated beam with a peak energy of 3 GeV. The data, from an exposure of 10.56 x 10(20) protons on target, are analyzed using a phenomenological model with one sterile neutrino. We constrain the mixing parameters theta(24) and Delta m(41)(2) and set limits on parameters of the four-dimensional Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix, vertical bar U-mu 4 vertical bar(2) and vertical bar U-tau 4 vertical bar(2), under the assumption that mixing between nu(e) and nu(s) is negligible (vertical bar U-e4 vertical bar(2) = 0). No evidence for nu(mu) -> nu(s) transitions is found and we set a world-leading limit on theta(24) for values of Delta m(41)(2) less than or similar to 1 eV(2).