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Computer Science

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2016 Ieee/Acm 38th International Conference on Software Engineering (Icse)

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The record-and-replay approach for software testing is important and valuable for developers in designing mobile applications. However, the existing solutions for recording and replaying Android applications are far from perfect. When considering the richness of mobile phones' input capabilities including touch screen, sensors, GPS, etc., existing approaches either fall short of covering all these different input types, or require elevated privileges that are not easily attained and can be dangerous. In this paper, we present a novel system, called MobiPlay, which aims to improve record-and-replay testing. By collaborating between a mobile phone and a server, we are the first to capture all possible inputs by doing so at the application layer, instead of at the Android framework layer or the Linux kernel layer, which would be infeasible without a server. MobiPlay runs the to-be-tested application on the server under exactly the same environment as the mobile phone, and displays the GUI of the application in real time on a thin client application installed on the mobile phone. From the perspective of the mobile phone user, the application appears to be local. We have implemented our system and evaluated it with tens of popular mobile applications showing that MobiPlay is efficient, flexible, and comprehensive. It can record all input data, including all sensor data, all touchscreen gestures, and GPS. It is able to record and replay on both the mobile phone and the server. Furthermore, it is suitable for both white-box and black-box testing.