Faculty Mentor

Jan Johnston


The context of this research took place at an art center in Midlothian, Virginia, ArtAdventures, and a school in the rural highlands of Guatemala, Chuicavioc, where the students took part in the same small art course incorporating the themes of culture, recycling and time. In this project the students were to exchange works of art and follow the exact same lessons, guideline, criteria and expectations.

The power of cultural communication and appreciation lies in the teacher’s hands as they conduct an Art Exchange. However when produced rapidly with poor communication and expectations to the projects a group of students might just as quickly lose appreciation for another culture. The importance of researching how to create an exemplary model for Art Exchanges is necessary for those teachers who wish to bring little bias, student discovery, art and multiculturalism to the classroom.

Cover Page Note

Special thanks to Jan Johnston (my mentor in this project) , VCU Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Summer Fellowship Program, ArtAdventures, The Highland Support Project and the fabulous friends I had made along the way in my journey to understand Art Exchange.