Faculty Mentor

Dr. Leslie Hossfeld


In the spring of 2013 ten students from the University of North Carolina Wilmington participated in a study abroad program in Wales attending Swansea University for the semester. As a group, we began examining Welsh culture and identity. Living abroad provided many opportunities to collect data and make observations about Welsh life. Our initial observations pointed to a tension that seemed to exist between Welsh and English cultures. We found this tension noteworthy and decided to examine it more closely through an exploratory research project examining Welsh political and economic history, Welsh culture and Welsh nationalism through participant observation, field trips and face-to-face interviews.

Cover Page Note

Acknowledgements The authors thank Dr. Leslie Hossfeld of the Department of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for the valuable comments and guidance given with much patience throughout the writing process. We also thank the interviewees from Swansea that participated in the research project. Lastly, we thank Jessica Dwight for the help in editing the paper for grammatical errors.