Accomack County Shoreline Inventory GIS Data

Center for Coastal Resources Management, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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2016 Accomack County Shoreline Inventory Report


The 2016 Inventory for Accomack County was generated using on-screen, digitizing techniques in ArcGIS® - ArcMap v10.2.2 while viewing conditions observed in Bing high resolution oblique imagery, Google Earth, and 2013 imagery from the Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP). Four GIS shapefiles are developed. The first describes land use and bank conditions (AccomackCo_lubc_2016). The second portrays the presence of beaches (AccomackCo_beaches_2016). The third reports shoreline structures that are described as arcs or lines (e.g. riprap) (AccomackCo_sstru_2016). The final shapefile includes all structures that are represented as points (e.g. piers) (AccomackCo_astru_2016). The metadata file accompanies the shapefiles and defines attribute accuracy, data development, and any use restrictions that pertain to data.