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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Virginia waters of the Chesapeake Bay


DDG_Data.csv: This file contains data used to estimate a statistical harvest model and evaluate the economic impacts of the Virginia Marine Debris Removal Program. The following variables are included: annual observations of blue crab harvests and effort by management area; annual blue crab abundance estimates; derelict pot removals by management area and year (2009-2014). Variable definitions: management area/waterbody (WB); year (YEAR); lbs of harvest (LBS); pots used in harvest (POTS); number of crab (CRAB); derelict pot removals (RMVS). DDG_TLModel.R: This file contains R code used to estimate a translog production model of blue crab harvest which incorporates derelict gear removals. Also included is code to perform a semi-parametric bootstrap of model parameters and estimate mean harvest effects resulting from derelict gear removals. The file can be opened in a variety of text editors and should be executed within the R software environment (



Chesapeake Bay, Crab fishery, Crab Pots, Derelict fishing gear, Fishery production model, Economic assessment

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Scheld, A.M., Bilkovic, D.M. and Havens, K.J. (2016). The Dilemma of Derelict Gear. Science Reports. 6, 19671; doi: 10.1038/srep19671


Data collection was funded by NOAA/NMFS through fisheries disaster relief and also by NFWF and the Office of the Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources. This research was supported by NOAA Marine Debris Program.

DDG_Data.csv (63 kB)
Statistical harvest model data

DDG_TLModel.R (2 kB)
Translog production model