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These files provide more details on model inputs and results in supplementing those presented in Ye et al. (2018; associated publication). A compressed DEM file ( is provided, which can be opened with common zip/unzip software on unix/windows/mac (such as unzip, gzip, winzip, etc.). Once extracted, there is a README along with the actual data. The DEM used here is primarily based on the topo-bathymetric information from USGS (; last accessed in Feb. 2017), supplemented by the latest navigation charts (especially around Baltimore harbor area), and coastal relief model (, last accessed in Jan 2017) for the coastal and shelf region. Also included in the supplemental materials is another zip file ( containing the salinity model-data comparisons on the vertical profiles at all available CTD casts. Lastly, the spatial/temporal coverage of NDBC buoys (for constructing the hybrid wind product) is illustrated in “Spatial_temporal_NDBC.pdf”.

The bathymetry file can be downloaded by the “download” button on the top-right of this webpage, while additional files are located at the bottom of the page.



Bathymetry, cross -scale, SCHISM, estuarine circulation, Chesapeake Bay

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Fei Ye , Yinglong J. Zhang , Harry V. Wang , Marjorie A.M. Friedrichs , Isaac D. Irby , Eli Alteljevich , Arnoldo Valle-Levinson , Zhengui Wang , Hai Huang , Jian Shen , Jiabi Du , A 3D unstructured-grid model for Chesapeake Bay: importance of bathymetry, Ocean Mod- elling (2018), doi: 10.1016/j.ocemod.2018.05.002


This material is based upon work supported by (1) EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program (#CB-96326601); (2) the Virginia Port Authority and Virginia's Commonwealth Technology Research Fund; (3) the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE; Grant TG-OCE130032) under National Science Foundation (Grant OCI-1053575).

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