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This dataset contains supplemental materials for Chapter 2: Comparative Transcriptomics of Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) Populations to Cold and Heat Stress in the associated publication - Search for Selection: Genomic, Transcriptomic, and Phenotypic Investigations of Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus.

Data are contained in a compressed file and include files in FASTA format (.fa), a text-based format representing nucleotide sequences using single-letter codes, Trinotate v3.1.1, an open source annotation suite designed for automatic functional annotation of transcriptomes, (see Bryant et al. 2017, doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.12.063) and data generated by Kallisto v.0.43.1., an open source RNA-seq quantification program. (see Bray et al. 2016, doi: 10.1038/nbt.3519).

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  • SuppInfo_S1_Transcriptome.fa : Spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) liver transcriptome in FASTA format
  • SuppInfo_S2_Trinotate_Report.xls: Functional annotation report from Trinotate for the liver transcriptome.
  • SuppInfo_S3_20_Common_Transcripts.xls: Significant common transcripts responsive to both cold and heat stress and in both the southern and northern populations.
  • SuppInfo_S4_DE_contig_names.xlsx: Transcript names showing significant differential expression to temperature stress, separated by populations
  • SuppInfo_S5_kallisto_matrix: Transcripts quantification matrix for all samples
  • SuppInfo_S6_KEGG_pathways.xlsx: Names of common and unique Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) molecular pathways between and within populations.
  • Suppinfo_S7_GO_enrichment.xlsx: Significant biological processes based on Gene Ontology enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes (DEGs).


doi: 10.25773/yp0v-zc62


Transcriptome, RNA-seq, thermal stress, Cynoscion nebulosus

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Song, Jingwie. Search for Selection: Genomic, Transcriptomic, and Phenotypic Investigations of Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus). (2020) PhD Dissertation, School of Marine Science, William & Mary. forthcoming

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Virginia Sea Grant (NOAA Sea Grant Omnibus award NA140AR417009