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The layers in this geodatabase were intended to represent the land that is encompassed by the average tidal range as sea level rises in the Virginia coastal region, including Chesapeake Bay and tributaries, the Atlantic Ocean side of the Eastern Shore, and Virginia Beach. The data layers in this geodatabase represent each two foot range of elevation incremented by 0.5 ft (e.g. 0-2 ft, 0.5-2.5 ft, 1-3 ft, etc.) with the current land cover that exists in that range.

ArcGIS metadata is included in the geodatabase.

Further details are provided in the Geodatabase Information file located from the download tab.



tidal range, tidal marsh, migration, sea level rise, Virginia, Chesapeake Bay, land cover

Associated Publications

Mitchell, M., J. Herman, and C. Hershner. 2020. Evolution of tidal marsh distribution under acceleration sea level rise. Wetlands 40, 1789–1800.

Isdell, R.E., Bilkovic, D.M. and Hershner, C. 2020. Large Projected Population Loss of a Salt Marsh Bivalve (Geukensia demissa) from Sea Level Rise. Wetlands 40, 1729–1738.

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Julie Herman

Molly Mitchell

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