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During the 1990’s, Dr. Maynard Nichols and colleagues at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science compiled digital databases of sediment observations in the Chesapeake Bay and other coastal bays and rivers. These projects were performed under several cooperative agreements with NOAA, EPA and USGS. This particular dataset covers the Chesapeake Bay for bulk properties and contaminants. Additional references are provided below. The original files and filenames are provided without edit. See the readme.txt file for overall explanation of the datasets and individual .DOC files for the data dictionary and further data processing information for each waterbody.


Digital files of bulk sediment properties, grain size, water content, organic content and trace metals in the Virginia portion of the Chesapeake Bay and its Tributaries. Various dates, 1968 through 1989.

Surveyed areas: Chesapeake Bay, Chester River, Choptank River, James River, Patuxent River, Potomac River, Rappahannock RIver and York River.

Files | Description

  • README.txt: Original dataset description
  • Distribution_Disk_label.jpg: 3.5” Floppy distribution disk label
  • CBAY.DOC: Chesapeake Bay readme file
  • CBAY1.DAT: Bulk Sediment properties
  • CBAY2.DAT: Bulk Sediment properties
  • CHESTER.DOC: Chester River readme file
  • CHEST_SD.DAT: Bulk Sediment properties
  • CHES_MET.DAT: Trace metals
  • CHOPTANK.DOC: Choptank River readme file
  • CHOPTANK.DAT: Bulk Sediment properties
  • JAMES.DOC: James River readme file
  • JAMES_SD.DAT: Bulk Sediment properties
  • PAT_SED.DAT: Patuxent River readme file
  • PAT_SED.DOC: Bulk Sediment properties
  • POTOMAC2.DOC: Potomac River readme file
  • POTOMAC2.DAT: Bulk Sediment properties
  • PTMC-MET.DOC: Potomac River readme file
  • PTMC-MET.DAT: Trace metals
  • RAPPAHAN.DOC: Rappahannock River readme file
  • RAPPAHAN.DAT: Bulk Sediment properties
  • YORK-4.DOC: York River readme file
  • YORK-4.DAT: Bulk Sediment properties

.DOC files contain the Data Dictionary for all .DAT files



Sediments, Chesapeake Bay, grain size, Shepard’s Classification, Trace Metals, Organic Carbon

Associated Publications

Anderson, G. F., Brouwer-Riel, C., & Nichols, M. M. (1993) Data base development for characterizing contaminated sediments in the Chesapeake Bay region. Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary.

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