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Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 1998


This paper examines aspects of some World Wide Web-based educational telecomputing projects to illustrate 10 different project Web page functions. These include: (1) giving a project overview or introduction to the goals and operational structure for the project; (2) announcing curriculum-based projects, inviting participation, and providing links to relevant networked resources; (3) providing instructions to telecollaborators on how to participate in the project; (4) serving as virtual places for participants to exchange information; (5) creating an open-ended form of multimedia communication; (6) providing project-related resources; (7) presenting chronologies of past and ongoing project work; (8) providing viewing space to showcase participants' creations; (9) serving as multipurpose centers, combining several project-related functions; and (10) offering electronic services that can help to initiate new curriculum-based telecomputing projects. Sample Web pages are included to illustrate these functions.

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