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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




James H. Stronge


The intent of this study was to garner data regarding principals' teacher selection practices and perceptions of teacher effectiveness and to examine the degree to which their teacher selection practices aligned with qualities of effective teachers. The survey was sent to 450 practicing principals in the United States. Principals reported the frequency in which they engaged in identified teacher selection practices and rank-ordered qualities of effective teachers.;Descriptive statistics summarized the level of agreement among elementary, middle, and high school principals regarding how they ranked the nine identified qualities of an effective teacher as well as the degree to which their rankings concurred with research in the area of teacher effectiveness. Principals verified the importance of key qualities of an effective teacher as evidenced by multiple analysis of variance (ANOVA) tests. An ANOVA revealed one statistically significant finding for the quality of creating valid and reliable assessments. However, the ANOVA bolstered the significance of the relevance of qualities of effective teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Lastly, content analyses were conducted to determine the three most important interview questions principals asked of teacher candidates and what factor determined why a specific teacher was hired over others.



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