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The purpose of this study was to trace the history of governance of Lee College, Cleveland, Tennessee, considering the influence of pentecostalism, particularly as stressed by its sponsoring denomination, the Church of God. Consideration was given to possible accommodations and complex influences which impacted on the pentecostal position of the College, differentiating secular/academic standards from clearly pentecostal standards.;It was hypothesized that Lee College would be highly influenced by the conservative pentecostalism of the Church of God that the decision-making process would reflect this influence. Two questions were asked: (1) to what extent has pentecostalism influenced the governance structure of Lee College? and (2) to what extent has Lee College made accommodations in its pentecostal conservatism in accepting services and taking action more characteristic of the secular/academic than the purely religious positions?;It was concluded that Lee College has been highly affected in every area of decision making by pentecostalism. Also, what appeared to be accommodations to secular/academic positions were not in substance accommodations at all. Lee College is firmly grounded in its conservative, evangelical, holiness, pentecostal position as an official ministry of the Church of God.



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