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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




G. William Bullock, Jr.


Purpose. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of teachers' perceptions of territoriality and sense of efficacy to job satisfaction.;Method. A sample of 350 public school elementary teachers teaching in Virginia was selected to complete four instruments. The Teacher Territory Questionnaire was used to measure three factors, including control of resources, responsibility for students, and openness of teaching. The Teacher Efficacy Scale measured two efficacy factors, personal efficacy and teaching efficacy. Job satisfaction was measured by the facet scores of the Job Descriptive Index and the global score of the Job in General scale. Demographic data forms were completed as well. Results from a 73% mail return were analyzed using multiple regression analysis.;Results. Results support a significant correlation between openness of teaching and satisfaction with coworkers and between responsibility for students and satisfaction with the job in general. Significant correlations were also found between personal efficacy and satisfaction with present work and between teaching efficacy and satisfaction with present work and the job in general. An analysis of the data indicated that the demographic variables had little effect upon these relationships.;It was concluded that as teachers feel more secure concerning their own teaching methods and teaching style, satisfaction with coworkers increases. Teachers who feel responsible for students inside or outside of the classroom tend to be more satisfied with the job in general. Teachers who feel confident of their ability to bring about student learning, regardless of external forces, such as student home environment and parental influences tend to be more satisfied with their present work. Based on information garnered from mean scores, elementary teachers in Virginia tend to be territorial with respect to control of resources and responsibility for students. Teachers are satisfied with their present work, supervision, coworkers and the job in general, but report dissatisfaction with pay and opportunities for promotion. Implications for future research were discussed.



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