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The research investigated whether 4 x 4 block scheduling had any effect on students' achievement in Advanced Placement Calculus AB and described some of the dynamics involved in the shifts to 4 x 4 plans. Data from 52 schools (38 North Carolina, 14 Virginia) were divided into two groups: (Sample 1) 25 schools in which the course was taught in one semester (N = 252) and (Sample 2) 27 schools in which it was taught in two semesters (N = 355). Using two-tailed Z and chi square goodness-of-fit tests {dollar}(\alpha=0.05),{dollar} the 1995 AP test mean score of each sample was compared to the mean of the 103,032 students who took the test. The z test showed that Sample 1 made significantly lower scores. The effect size ({dollar}-{dollar}0.51) and chi square test supported this conclusion. The chi square test revealed significantly higher scores for Sample 2, but the z test did not. The study also found that schools used diverse practices regarding both AP classes and the change process. The study has implications for instruction, staff development, and administrative decision-making related to block scheduling.



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