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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Michael F. DiPaola


Similar to other organizations, change is a part of any school setting. In this time of necessary educational transformation, school principals must have the knowledge and skills to be change agents. This study sought to expand on existing research on change orientation by examining how principal support affects the faculty's receptivity to institutional change. Thus, the focus of this study was to explore the relationship between two dimensions of principal support and three aspects of change orientation. The Principal Support Scale (PSS) and Faculty Change Orientation Scale (FCOS) were used to survey 1,276 licensed, professional teachers in 34 public high schools throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.;Correlational statistics revealed a significant positive relationship between principal support and faculty perception of principal openness to change. When regressed with the other principal support factor, expressive support demonstrated a significant effect on principal openness to change. In addition, a significant relationship emerged between one dimension of principal support and faculty receptivity towards community pressure for change. A significant positive correlation was also found between principal openness to change and faculty openness to change.



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