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The major purpose of this study was to find out how to encourage Title I family engagement as the school funds were decreasing in the next school year. I wanted to determine how to continue, as well as increase, parental engagement at a Title I elementary school in a rural setting.;The Title I program focuses on assisting students who are economically disadvantaged in order to raise their academic skills in the areas of reading and math. The parents of the children eligible for Title I reading services at the time of the study were the participants. I used the Appreciative Inquiry method to gather information from parents. By using a set of appreciative interview questions, I learned the parents' perspective about the reading activities that the school offered to the Title I parents. Parents selected themes from several paired interview sessions. The data analysis of the story circles of parents, frequency analysis of themes, the per capita costs of each activity, and the design team of parents, gave me insight as to what activities attracted parents and why parents chose to participate at school sponsored Title I events at this school. Recommendations for continued family engagement include a challenge to seek ways to engage all families in a school -- family partnerships and to involve parents who could, but who choose not to attend school events.



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