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The purpose of this study was to trace the development of nursing education at Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia School of Nursing from its inception in 1893 through 1981. The primary focus was on the basic nursing programs which included the diploma, associate degree and baccalaureate programs. Other programs offered by the school were presented briefly in order to provide a more complete picture.;Major trends in selected elements of faculty qualifications, curriculum, admission and graduation requirements, accreditation, and relationships to local hospitals and higher education in nursing education at the school were identified and compared to national standards and trends that were divided into specific time frames. The national standards and trends were established from published reports and guidelines of the nursing organizations. Selected economic, political, and social issues that have affected nursing were discussed.;Methods used to collect data included review of related literature, interviews and correspondence, Faculty and Curriculum Committee minutes, and review of material relevant to the school housed in the archives of the university and Virginia State Library. Catalogues and other official publications of the school and university also were used.;The most significant finding was that VCU/MCV School of Nursing met or exceeded national trends in the selected elements from 1893 to 1981 but did not completely meet national standards until after 1960. The nursing school was a leader in Virginia, considered a pioneer in many areas, and obtained several firsts in nursing education in the state.



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