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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




James H. Stronge


Schools have derived their legal powers to regulate student health services through an evolutionary process. Statutory law generally provides the authority for school boards to hire medical personnel to provide health services. In addition, the legal power to provide health services has evolved from the police powers of the states, through the fourteenth amendment guarantee to property rights, and in response to societal needs and expectations.;The present study was conducted to investigate the current status of health services in public schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and to determine the level of knowledge of legal issues related to the delivery of health services in schools by public school principals.;The study involved responses from surveys received from 208 principals (58% of the 360 randomly sampled elementary, middle, and high school principals in small, medium, and large Virginia schools). In response to the research question regarding minimal competency in principals' knowledge of law related to the delivery of health services in Virginia, data revealed that only six out of 208 were minimally competent. No statistical differences were found based on schools with or without licensed health care providers. Recommendations are made for future research.



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