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The purposes of this research project were to develop a Dietitian Selection Scale (DSS) and to compare the personality profiles of female therapeutic and administrative dietitians. Both purposes were investigated using the California Psychological Inventory (CPI), and the second purpose, the comparison, was also, investigated using the Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI). Holland's (1973) theory of career selection served as the theoretical base for this study.;Subjects for this study were 250 female registered dietitians. The control group consisted of 145 female registered dietitians attending a state meeting in Virginia, while 105 were respondents from a randomized mailing to female registered dietitians across the nation.;The hypothesis that there would be a significant difference in the response pattern of female registered dietitians and women in general as measured by the empirically developed DSS was accepted. The hypothesis that female therapeutic dietitians would exhibit a significant difference in response pattern from female administrative dietitians as measured by a scale analysis of the VPI was rejected, but one scale on the CPI did differentiate the two groups significantly.;The results indicated that female dietitians can be differentiated from women in general by response pattern to specific items on the CPI and that therapeutic dietitians can be differentiated from administrative dietitians on the scale of Dominance on the CPI.



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