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This study investigated public school administrator perception of the extent to which federal civil rights, equal employment opportunity, and affirmative action legislation have affected the personnel policies and practices of Virginia public schools since 1972. Another purpose of this study was to determine if there is a correlation between administrator perceptions of EED/AA impact and the characteristics of school divisions.;It was hypothesized that school officials would perceive that the imposition of EED/AA regulations has greatly altered the personnel function in Virginia public school divisions. It was also hypothesized that school officials would perceive that (1) EED/AA regulations caused an increase in both costs and staff requirements; (2) EED/AA necessitated the codification of selection, promotion and transfer criteria and procedure as well as strict adherence to them; (3) EED/AA necessitated modification of causes and procedures for non-selection and dismissal of personnel. Finally, it was hypothesized that the perceived degree of impact would be related to the type of division--that officials of high black concentration divisions, urban divisions and large divisions would perceive greater impact than those of low black concentration, non-urban or small divisions.;A survey instrument was designed, tested and sent to school personnel officials in all 135 Virginia Public School Divisions. Ninety-four responded.;Analysis was accomplished by comparison of responses to questions through analysis of variance using division size, ethnic concentration level and urban, suburban, non-urban nature of the division as the independent variable and response category as the dependent variable.;It was concluded that there was no significant relationship between the three background variables and school officials' responses. It was further concluded that school officials viewed the impact of EED/AA uniformly and that these officials perceived little or no change in staff workload cost or effort due to EED/AA compliance over the period of most vigorous enforcement.



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