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The relationship between the job preview and the job related behaviors of absenteeism, turnover, and job satisfaction was investigated. The objective of the study was to attempt to determine if a job preview booklet that contained information about teaching would have a statistically significant effect on the three job-related behaviors of absenteeism, turnover, and job satisfaction. Data were gathered by examining absenteeism and turnover information from 103 newly hired teachers in the seven school divisions participating in the study. Job satisfaction of control and experimental groups was measured by administering the Job Descriptive Index and the Job in General measure. Results of the multiple analysis of variance indicated that none of the eight control variables were statistically significant. Several possible limitations of the present study were discussed. Future job preview studies might include video-tapes of actual work settings. to avoid contamination problems, entire school divisions could be matched with comparable samples, with each being entirely control or experimental. The job preview could be provided after the interview, but before the contract was signed. The potential benefits of reduction in absenteeism and turnover, and improved satisfaction might justify additional job preview research.



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