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This is a descriptive study of 33 graduate school educated women who have chosen to stay home with their children. The study includes a discussion of five major areas: personality characteristics, decision-making process, level of job satisfaction, peer and family relationships, and self-image.;The Methodology for this study involved four data gathering procedures: the demographic data form, the structural interview, the California Psychological Inventory (CPI), and the Bems Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI). Participants were obtained by sending fliers home with children at five preschools in the Richmond, Virginia Metropolitan area.;Demographic Data. The mean age for the group was 34. All were part of an intact two parent family. Fourteen graduate majors were represented. Ninety percent had held jobs which were directly related to their advanced degree. Seventy-six percent are actively involved in a career-related activity.;Personality Characteristics. This high functioning group has a composite profile that shows the ability to achieve independently and they prefer their own judgement. They have strength intellectually. The composite personality is someone who has successfully combined some of the best parts of traditional masculine and feminine qualities.;Decision-making Process. The reasons for choosing to stay home related to feeling that their family was their main priority and they didn't want someone else raising their children.;Job Satisfaction. Neither level of status nor dissatisfaction with their last job was the primary reason for choosing to stay home at the time.;Peer and Family Relationships. Support systems were extremely important to this group. Husbands were also very involved in decision-making, child care, and emotional support.;Self-image. These women generally feel good about their choices and believe this is the right role for them at this time. They are aware of what they have given up, but believe they and their children have gained much more than they could ever give up.



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