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Final-state recoil proton polarization observables were measured using the newly commissioned Proton Focal-Plane-Polarimeter at the MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center. This device permits access to a new class of electromagnetic spin observables. Measurements were made at two values of {dollar}{lcub}\cal Q{rcub}\sp2,{dollar} 0.38 and 0.50 (GeV/c){dollar}\sp2,{dollar} in the quasi-elastic region using the {dollar}d(\vec e,e\sp\prime\vec p)n{dollar} reaction in parallel kinematics with zero recoil momentum. Simultaneous measurements were also made using the {dollar}p(\vec e,e\sp\prime\vec p){dollar} reaction at the same kinematics allowing a precise comparison between the hydrogen and deuterium spin-dependent observables, {dollar}D\sb{lcub}LL{rcub}{dollar} and {dollar}D\sb{lcub}LT{rcub}{dollar} as well as the induced polarization {dollar}P\sb{lcub}n{rcub}.{dollar} In the elastic scattering limit the spin observables can be used to directly extract the ratio of {dollar}G\sbsp{lcub}E{rcub}{lcub}p{rcub}/G\sbsp{lcub}M{rcub}{lcub}p{rcub}.{dollar} Therefore, in the impulse approximation the results have direct bearing on the validity of approximations used to extract {dollar}G\sbsp{lcub}E{rcub}{lcub}n{rcub}/G\sbsp{lcub}M{rcub}{lcub}n{rcub}{dollar} for the neutron in analogous {dollar}d(\vec e,e\sp\prime\vec n)p{dollar} experiments. This comparison is also nearly free of systematic errors and is independent of both the beam polarization and the analyzing power of the {dollar}\sp{lcub}12{rcub}C(p,p\sp\prime){dollar} reaction. The results for deuterium are in good agreement with the hydrogen data and with the Plane-Wave-Impulse-Approximation theories of Arenhovel and Van Orden.



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