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Spanish Imperial Missionary Activity and Indian Politics in "La Florida," 1565-1597 in this paper, I argue that Catholic missionization of Calusa, Tequesta, and Guale people in sixteenth-century "La Florida" must be understood not simply as a Spanish colonial endeavor but as a collaboration with native leaders, who encouraged it as a means of increasing their own social and political power. I show that missionization was only successful as long as the presence of friars and a Spanish garrison benefited native leaders. Missionaries were expelled when their upkeep became a burden—that is, when they were no longer a source of socially valuable status items or military assistance against neighboring groups. Euro-Inuit at Wolstenholme Post, 1909-1946: Arctic Foxes and Neighborly Bonds This paper is a case study of white-Inuit relations at the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) Wolstenholme trading post. I show how Inuit influence over the twentieth-century white fox trade contributed to the development of neighborly bonds between Inuit trappers and HBC traders. in the early twentieth century, the eastern Arctic was Inuit territory, far from white Canadian society, and there were multiple entities clamoring for a trading partnership with Inuit. The pressing need to retain Inuit patronage, the communal nature of surviving arctic winters, and the unique backgrounds of the HBC men meant that the latter learned Inuktitut, donned Inuit clothing, hunted and traveled with Inuit, and established friendships with them that went far beyond fur trade business.



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