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Jozef Dudek

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Konstantinos Orginos

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David Armstrong

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Justin Stevens

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Ross Young


Understanding the excited light meson spectrum is vital to our understanding of how quarks and gluons bind to become hadrons. This sector is home to a plethora of states including hadrons laying outside the quark model. Distinguishing the from the rest of the spectrum would be made easier if we first had a handle on the light quark anti-quark spectrum. I present the first determination of excited light JPC=1--,2--,3-- resonances in meson-meson scattering at the SU(3) flavor point from lattice QCD. This system can be described in the context of pseudoscalar-vector elastic scattering and I determine two 1-- resonances; a lighter broader state followed by a heavier narrow state, one broad 2-- resonance, and one narrow 3-- resonance. This is the first calculation in lattice QCD that successfully extracts two resonances from the same partial wave, as well as the first calculation of a light 2-- resonance. I present the results in terms of the physical resonance eigenstates decaying into pseudoscalar-vector final states, and compare to experiment as well as a popular phenomenological model.


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