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By the year 2100, sea level rise is predicted to alter shorelines on a global scale. To understand the impacts of sea level rise on more inland regions, I will focus on Jamestown Island, Virginia to explore what might be the main drivers of inundation in this study area. The main purpose of this thesis is to quantify the changes in water level in various Jamestown Island wells using continuous data from 2017 through 2020. Analysis of these variables will determine how precipitation and tidal fluctuations are possible drivers for change on and around the island. The findings from just a few years of data analysis show that there has been a slow but overall rise in sea level due to a variety of factors. Factors including sediment composition or proximity to rivers are important to understand when determining how different regions will experience inundation over the next century.

Date Awarded

Spring 2022



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Rowan Lockwood

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Kurt McCoy

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Dominick Ciruzzi