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On October 30th, 2021, I ran a Fossil Day outreach event at Colonial National Historical Park (COLO). Preparation for this event included literature surveys, graphic design, and collaboration with the National Park Service (NPS). This culminated in materials and resources for five main stations including a microscope gravel search, a fossil cast-making station, a fossil dig, an arts and crafts station, and a presentation station. On the day of the event, we collected survey responses from 63 people regarding their favorite station, what they learned, what they would improve, and how they heard about this event. Results showed that the fossil dig station was the visitor's favorite station, and that visitors learned a wide range of information from facts about different fossils to facts about how fossils are made. Many of the visitors did not leave a comment on ways to improve, but those that did often indicated that they would like to see a bigger fossil dig experience. Overall, this event was a success, and it was able to educate visitors about some of the core information regarding Virginia’s geologic history.

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Spring 2022



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Rowan Lockwood