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Bachelors of Arts (BA)


Film Studies


Timothy Barnard

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Richard Lowry

Jerry Watkins III


With films built around imagination, it is sometimes difficult to see Lord of the Rings as anything more than an amazingly detailed fantasy. Following in a classical Hollywood film tradition of stereotyped racial images, however, Lord of the Rings constructs a racial hierarchy with attributed moral values. Then, in a postmodern turn, it complicates this hierarchy through a simultaneous conflation and disassociation of color, race, and species. This enables the possibility of an explicitly progressive meaning, advocating for a multicultural cosmopolitanism defeating forces of pure evil, while simultaneously allowing for a new racialized version of whiteness in a re-centered position of power: not “just” white, but “just right” white. As such, the Lord of the Rings film trilogy leaves itself amenable to fantasies of white supremacy and an ecofascist vision of ethno-states, a fantasy to allay fears of white genocide and racial annihilation.

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