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Honors Thesis -- Open Access

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Bachelors of Science (BS)




David Armstrong

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David Armstrong

Todd Averett

Sarah Day


This report describes the optimization of the sieve collimator that will be used for the MOLLER experiment at Jefferson Laboratory. The MOLLER experiment seeks to study the parity-violating asymmetry in electron-electron elastic scattering. For this project, Monte Carlo simulations were run using a GEANT4 simulation package, which includes the main geometry of the proposed experiment, and the essential physics reaction processes. A sieve collimator was added to the simulated geometry. This collimator has pin-hole openings to select scattered electrons at certain locations (radial and azimuthal positions) corresponding to specific scattering angles (theta, and phi). Analysis of the simulated data were done using the CERN Root software suite, using a Python-based interface.

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