Jesse Mercer

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Bachelors of Arts (BA)




Jack Martin

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Ann M. Reed

Don Monson


This paper is a partial grammatical description of the Hitchiti language. It has been written to provide the first in-depth modem description of this language. A secondary aim is to evaluate the claim that Hitchiti is a separate language from Mikasuki (see section 1.2, below). In finding that they are very similar languages, it is hoped that the analysis presented in this paper will be of use in future descriptions of Mikasuki.

This paper is organized to reflect the actual structures of the Hitchiti language. 1 The initial chapter consists of an introduction to Hitchiti, as well as the background of this study. The study itself will address the morphology of Hitchiti, presenting chapters on the noun morphology, the switch-reference system, and the verb morphology. For several of the more important systems (i.e. person marking, switch-reference, possession, etc.), the analysis is presented as a holistic view of the entire process. Analyses of less complex phenomena (i.e. the nominalizer suffix, the causative, etc.) are presented in sections under the heading of the appropriate affix. The last chapter summarizes the results of the study and presents areas of possible further research into the language.

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