Date Thesis Awarded


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Honors Thesis -- Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelors of Arts (BA)




Luis Baldomero Quintana

Committee Members

John Lopresti

Ammar Malik


I analyze how Chinese import competition impacts community college enrollments in US commuting zones by using the variation of import exposure across the United States. After controlling for broader changes in the US economy, the findings show that there is fairly large and positive effect on enrollments for men between the years 1990 and 2007. The results for female enrollments are small or negative. However, these results for both men and women are imprecisely estimated. The findings of this paper resemble previous findings in the literature, namely Greenland and Lopresti (2016), Ferriere et. al (2021), and Lee (2021) which demonstrate increases in high school graduation rates and college enrollments. At the same time, due to the demographics of community colleges, these results expand insight on the human capital adjustment of lower income individuals caused by import competition (Kane & Rouse, 1995).