Date Thesis Awarded


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelors of Arts (BA)


Global Studies


Francis Tanglao-Aguas

Committee Members

Mark Lerman

Lynn Weiss

Rodney B. Ferrao


In my one-person performance Coming Out Asian American, the racialized body is placed in deracinated space and time where identity is fluidly navigated as history moves and is exchanged. I contend that Asian American identity is ambiguous, schizophrenic, and complex, and the medium of staged performance allows for the exploration of the affective body as a site for cultural/historical memory, exchange, and re-imagination. In the play, Coming Out Asian American, theater and performance are used to create a counter-monument that challenges the dominant Western mainstream discourse. At the same time, I utilize performance to find agency and liberation in the telling of my transnational, and polycultural story on liminal abjection to add to the greater Asian American communal narrative.