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Bachelors of Science (BS)




Gina L. Hoatson

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Robert L. Vold

Tyler K. Meldrum


In this thesis, we apply quantum logic gates to a two-qubit register using the techniques of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR spectroscopy). We create a lyotropic solution of sodium decyl sulfate (SDS), deuterium oxide (D2O), and decanol in the nematic phase, which functions as our quantum register. Using sequences of single-quantum selective pulses, we generate pseudopure initial states. Using SR, a MatLab-based spin response simulator, we check that the pulse sequences produce the appropriate pseudopure states. We then apply a CNOT quantum logic gate to each initial state. Each pseudopure state reacts as expected to the CNOT gate: while some extra excitations occur, they are generally small compared to the rest of the spectrum. These extra excitations may be the result of imperfect phase cycling in our pseudopure pulse sequences, which would leave non-zero coherences between states. These coherences could interfere with the resulting NMR spectra, producing the addition observed excitations.

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