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Bachelors of Arts (BA)




Danielle Moretti-Langholtz

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Martin D. Gallivan

Jason Danner


My thesis, which I titled "The Watermen of White Oak & The Patawomeck Tribe," was the result of a four week fieldwork endeavor in Stafford County, Virginia, in a community called White Oak, which is 15 minutes northwest of Fredericksburg. In White Oak, there is a group of people who represent the biological descendents of the historic Patawomeck Indian Tribe. In 1995, the Patawomeck Tribe officially reorganized and reformed, and since this official reformation up to the present day, the Patawomeck have been seeking recognition from the Commonwealth of Virginia as an Indian tribe. The thesis includes a discussion of the so-called watermen, a subset of the wider White Oak community, and the relationship between the watermen and the Patawomeck Tribe. The thesis also contains a reflexive portion, which delves into my own personal experience in the field.

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