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Bachelors of Arts (BA)




John B. Gilmour

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Rowan Lockwood

Sophia Hart


Today, the American space agency has mostly lost its way. The era of the Shuttle has ended and the Shuttle replacement program, Constellation, was utterly scrapped with only a single unmanned, suborbital test flight to show for it. NASA, supposedly the guardian of the world's most technologically advanced civilization, can no longer put men into space without the help of the Russians. NASA has plenty of plans to fix this...but they cannot afford any of them. These recent disappointments, combined with other factors, have led to a dramatic lack of political will around the issue of space exploration. This thesis will examine the causes of this failure and look at what can be done about it.

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Thesis is part of Honors ETD pilot project, 2008-2013. Migrated from Dspace in 2016.

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