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Gerald H. Johnson


Cactus Hill Archaeological Site (44SX202, located just east of the Nottoway River in Sussex County, Virginia, contains a nearly complete stratified archaeological sequence that has been radiocarbon dated to 11,000 or possibly 15,000 B.P. Geologically, the site is underlain by a surficial aeolian sand, a basal silty clay, and a fluvial sand and gravel. The fluvial sand and gravel is inset against the silty clay. Aeolian deposition was initiated during the late Wisconsinan full or late glacial interval, when the climate in the southeastern United States was colder and windier that at present. Acolian sand accretion rates fluctuated from a maximumm of 4.6 cm(1.8 in.) per 100 years at approximately 9,000 B.P. to esstenially no accretion at present.

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