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Bachelors of Arts (BA)


Interdisciplinary Studies


Francis Tanglao-Aguas

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R. Benedito Ferrao

Joanne Braxton

Stephen Sheehi


My honors thesis is a teaching project on the topic of “Understanding North Korea in the Korean Diaspora,” which is designed to be part of Korean American Diaspora Studies (KADS), a class taught in spring 2016 at the College of William and Mary, or as a short individual class for Korean American and non-Korean American college students. I designed and developed this course and honors thesis to provide teachers and students with the opportunity to teach and learn about North Korea beyond preconceptions and stereotypes, which are constructed and maintained by the mainstream culture, by digging out the buried and neglected narratives of the marginalized North Korean people in a diasporic context. I argue that this course, Understanding North Korea in the Korean Diaspora, challenges the hegemonic education system in America and dominant framework of teaching and learning by deconstructing the historical knowledge about North Korea. While learning to resist against and challenge the dominant system, students in this course practice agency and learn to mobilize their communities as leaders.

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