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Bachelors of Science (BS)




Eugeniy Mikhailov

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Henry Krakauer

George Rublein


We explore the properties of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) and its applications as a frequency filter in the field of gravitational wave interferometry. Through modeling and simulation, we determine parameters for atom-light configurations of multi- state atoms which will theoretically allow for transmission frequencies and intensities of squeezed light in a range suitable for increasing sensitiviy levels in gravitational wave interferometers. This corresponds to contrasts greater than 50% and linewidths of 100 Hz or less. We produce EIT experimentally and characterize the distributions by fitting them to a generalized Lorentzian. The largest contrast observed is 3.9% with a linewidth of 657 Hz. The smallest linewidth observed is 202 Hz with a contrast of 0.84%.

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