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Fall 9-22-2005


On July 7, 2004, archaeologists from the Bermuda Maritime Museum and the College of William and Mary arrived on Guana Island in the BVI as part of the ongoing investigation of the island’s archaeological and architectural heritage sponsored by the island’s owners, Dr. Henry and Gloria Jarecki. Upon their arrival, the archaeologists were informed of the discovery of human remains on the island and subsequent recovery efforts by the Road Town Police.

In the days that followed, archaeologists Mark Kostro and Dr. Marley Brown contacted the Institute for Historical Biology (IHB) at the College of William and Mary in order to notify the staff of the human remains’ discovery. Police Commissioner Barry Webb granted their request for custody of the remains for assessment and analysis pending a preliminary inventory to be carried out at the Road Town Police Station. Mark Kostro and Melissa Eaton, Anthropology graduate students from the College of William and Mary, carried out the requested preliminary inventory on July 30, 2004 with materials provided by the Institute for Historical Biology. Dr. Marley R. Brown III, research professor at William and Mary, provided additional assistance with the inventory. The inventory was carried out in the presence of a representative of the Royal British Virgin Islands Police Service, Constable Forbes Washington.

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William & Mary Institute for Historical Biology



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